Ingrid Richter (IG)

Ingrid Richter (IG)

Ingrid Richter (IG)
Race Category: Elite Cross Country Mountain Bike
Competitiveness: Highly competitive

Goal(s): Top 30 World Cup Ranking
Recent Race Results:

  • NZ National Series 2016 – 1st
  • National Cup Dunedin – 1st
  • Coppermine Epic – 1st
  • Nelson Top Gun XC – 1st
  • Karapoti Classic Elite – 2nd
  • World Cup Italy – 56th
  • World Cup Australia – 42nd

Highlight: Winning the Spring Challenge Adventure Race as Team Thermatech with Lynley Coventry and Naomi Whitehead in Queenstown in 2013. We had a great day out. We were working well together as a team and pushed each other all the way while enjoying the great scenery and having a laugh or two along the way. It is not often that everything falls into place on race day. This was one of those days and being able to share the win with good friends made it just that extra bit special. It puts a smile on my face every time I think of it.
Lowlight: Having to find a new passion (and myself) after I had to quit playing Volleyball after 15 years at elite level.
Funniest Moment: Co-ordinating toilet stops during the Spring Challenge while having my team mate still on tow.
What it means to be a part of the Team ThermaTech: Being part of Team Thermatech means I get to use the best gear in racing, training and adventuring in the hills. Although I compete in an individual sport, I love being part of a team of like-minded people who are fun and share the same passion for the outdoors. Both the people at Thermatech and the other athletes are like a family and support each other where they can. It is a lot more rewarding to be able to share a win or a great moment with the team and the lows are less ‘low’ with their backing, too.

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